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The Hunger Games - Upper class vehicles

Picture vehicle concept arts for the upper-class cars of Panem.

Those vehicles are the ones of rich members of the Panem society. Students from the academy move around the city using those. One of the goal was to reflect an outdated way of life where appearances matter above all. Those cars were a priority for the production, the research conducted early on was very extensive and a few models were identified as a starting point. We eventually settled on a Wolga and a Daimler. Both vehicles were then built for sets.
Working on those was a real pleasure. Thanks to the entire Art Department for welcoming me in, major shoutout to Leif Heanzo, with whom our tasks often crossed paths, Hannah Brückmann and Thomas Möhring who took care of the environments, to Martin Sekiewicz for showing me the process of designing picture vehicles for sets, and to Uli Hanisch and Kai K. Koch for trusting me with it all.
Done at the Babelsberg Art Department, for Production Designer Uli Hanisch, Sup. Art Director Kai K. Koch and Picture Vehicles Sup. Martin Sekiewicz.
All rights reserved to Lionsgate, Studio Babelsberg AG
(The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, 2023 - © Lionsgate)