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No to AI art - arguments

Unfortunately the current art platform subsitutes don't have the same scope of users, or power of reach, as Artstation does. While the way they handled the AI art flooding was no less than shady and way too slow, I am coming back to it reluctantly and will use their exposure while remaining alert to their policies.

Previous text:
We ask that ArtStation support its original audience that made the site what it is today.
Until new laws legislate the processing and collection of data for these programs, I am cancelling my PRO subscription and will report all pages selling AI generated content such as so called “photo packs”. Currently, the ArtStation store hosts many of these and seem to have found a neutral stance regarding it that is inadmissible.

The image generation technology is not the problem in itself but the set of laws circumvented. It is important to educate non-artists on this, explain our processes and thus demonstrate the importance of being vocal about it. Not only it is creating conflicts on the job market, it will on the long run also be detrimental to the global pool of talent. The more people bypass the learning of the art fundamentals, the less the entertainment industry will be supported by quality at all stages of production.

Be vocal for the laws to be enforced and for skills to remain the core engine of creation. Not prompts.